About me

My name is Ellise. Whyte is my middle name, it was also my English great-grandmothers. Charles is my husband's distinguised middle name. As this blog began at the end of 2009 on the eve of us moving into our first home, I wanted a name to encapsulate our journey as home owners, renovaters and mortgagors! Charles Whyte had a certain ring to it and it was available on Blogger. It was also suitably ambiguous so I wasn't trapped into only writing about one particular topic because...

When I grow up I want to be a writer, a baker, an interior designer, a fashion publicist, a Parisian and an all-round good friend, wife, daughter, sister and mother duck. I've started the journey and enjoy dabbling in all my loves. As the saying goes: Il n'est rien de reel que le reve et l'amour (Nothing is real but dreams and love).

Charles Whyte is my outlet to write and reflect on my loves in life. Mostly it's about finding things that make my heart sing! It's a little indulgent place that allows me to focus on all that I fancy and everything that makes me happy. Regrettably, this is sometimes superficial and is not a balanced reflection of life in all its facets. It's not that I hope to create a picture of a perfect life or suggest that material possessions will make you happy. No, no. For me, it's about changing my station from Radio Doom and Gloom to one that puts a spring in my step, shines a little winter sunshine on my face and encourages me to focus on what makes me happy. I have had my share of clouds hovering above so I'm willing the sun to shine through the blur of grey and with my new power that is Charles Whyte, I feel able to do that. Just looking at pretty things helps. The credit card can stay safe in my wallet (most of the time!) as I don't have to buy all the delightful things I write about to enjoy them.

What makes my heart sing may not always strike a chord, but my great hope is that this blog will have you thinking of the things in your life, big and small, that make you happy. Surrounding yourself with what and who you love surely makes life sweeter.

By day, I am a communications manager for a not-for-profit organisation. I live in the Melbourne western suburb of Footscray these days, but I grew up in Central Victoria (more about that here).

I'm half English, a quarter Dutch, a quarter Italian and 100% Aussie. One plus one does not always equal two. Life is a journey of finding ourselves and the place where we belong. My blog is part of the discovery process. I hope you enjoy it.

Comments on the blog always make my heart sing, but you can also email me at emcloughlan@hotmail.com.



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