Monday, June 7, 2010

A touch of sea salt

So there is lightly salted, slightly sweet popcorn and a few other salted nut and choc delights out there for those of us in favour of some sweet with our sour, but until recently they all seemed to be lollies designed for kids or recipes you had to make yourself. Now Lindt has come up with a genius flavour for the big, sophisticated kids of the world - sea salt chocolate anyone? Try it before you diss it.

Lindt Excellence 'A touch of sea salt' appeared in the Melbourne Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Collins Street a few weeks ago and I purchased a wee stash in fear that it may be a limited edition or experimental range. When it turned up at my local Coles a week later (see below), I thought we may have a regular range in the making. I almost started my own sales spiel on the unsuspecting ladies deliberating in the chocolate aisle. Surely higher sales equals a greater chance of salty choc for keeps?

Lindt have made this flavour with a dark base so milk lovers may find it too much but the advertising does describe it as "surprisingly sweet". For others, the tingle of salt on your tongue mid-bite will tantalise. Unlike other chocolate, I found a few pieces satisfying. Now if it was a little sweeter, in a milk chocolate say, the salt
would contrast delightfully and I'd never be able to stop. Does this mean chocolate with a touch of sea salt is perfectly satisfying or not quite right? You be the judge.

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