Saturday, September 11, 2010

Small business series - Stationery that's going somewhere

Previous posts may have given you glimpses of my enthusiasm for discovering and supporting local businesses. I rave about Aussie brands that are breaking into international markets -like Aesop. I rave some more about brands based in country areas that produce products that compete with the best, like Mount Zero. I shout from the rooftops about amazing little eateries that spring up on streets just like those we pound every day, like Seddon Deadly Sins, the Hardware Societe and Pizza Verde. Now, if you'll indulge me, I'm going to holler from the blogosphere about some small, local businesses that have got me all excited as they begin to find their feet. To kick off what I hope will be an ongoing series, I bring to you Peacocks Paperie, designer stationery and paper couture made in Melbourne.

 Peacocks Paperie design 'Ava'

Behind Peacocks Paperie is a pint-size creative star called Amy. With experience in creative advertising for ad agencies in Australia and the UK, Amy started Peacocks Paperie to indulge her true passions. After spending a few days with Amy to come up with a very special save-the-date card for a friend's wedding, it is evident that her work is a labour of love and she brings a unique combination of intense creativity with the ability to bring big ideas to fruition with a practical, can-do approach.

  Peacocks Paperie design 'Florence'

As one of the only stationery designers in Melbourne using the artisan process of letterpress printing,  Peacocks Paperie offers clients unique, luxurious stationery that will transport you to a bygone era. After admiring Peacocks' designs, I want to renew my vows just so I can have a letterpress invitation with that vintage feel only letterpress can provide. The thought of individually running each invitation through a letterpress (or paying someone to do it for you) won't appeal to everyone, but I love the idea of creating each invitation by hand using an ancient technique for the special people in your life. Then again, I share Amy's excitement for whimsy and extravagence so you might expect that.

 Peacocks Paperie design 'Florence'

The result of my time assisting in the Peacocks Paperie studio, is this impressive save the date piece for Sally and Ryan's wedding in Bali.

 I just love the return address print on the envelopes.

Guest names are printed on card tied around the invitation with string, reminiscent of an old luggage tag.

The save the date slips into a pocket that emulates an airline boarding pass, a nod to the overseas destination.

With a save the date as unique and gorgeous as that, expectations for the formal invitation will high as the bride-to-be pointed out. Her inherant style, coupled with creative direction and expert execution from Peacocks Paperie, will ensure that there is next to no chance of the invitation not meeting our lofty expectations. The anticipation will be so great that I'll be wielding my scissors and offering my labour once again, just to get a sneak peak.

Sucessful businesses, as we all know, are about more than an amazing product, so it's promising to see that this little, local beauty has built a gorgeous, comprehensive website, started a blog and used some of her advertising nous to create beautiful advertising for bridal magazines.  With the recent acquisition of a second letterpress - a mammoth Gordon & Gotch machine that dates back a century or so - committment and investment in the business is obvious and will very possibly transform the Peacocks Paperie production process.  Gordon, as the press is affectionatley known, very possibly stands higher than Amy herself so I wish her all the best as she churns paper delights from the new beast. Bonne chance.

Peacocks Paperie

Phone: 03 9415 7412
Mobile: 0413 243 153

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