Monday, April 15, 2013

Looking for Jenny Lind (the cot not the person)

Big news, dear reader. Tomorrow I'm due to give birth! My first baby is on the way and I can't wait. I meant to write months ago with the news but the time has just flown, and of course I've been busy finishing work and getting the baby's room ready amongst everything else. So here I am with lots of nursery posts in mind.

Let me start at the beginning though when I was on the hunt for a cot. It seemed like the starting point for a nursery to me, and the one that caught my eye was a older style "crib" with turned spindle rails. Soon enough, I found that this was called a Jenny Lind cot. It came up time and time again in my Pinterest boards for nurseries (here and here). 

 Via here 

This example of a Jenny Lind crib in yellow sends my heart into a flutter. So too does the aqua and the hints of watermelon red in the room. I knew I wanted me some of these colours. 

Via here

The Jenny Lind works in serene palettes too...

Via here

...or palettes that boldly incorporate black in a space often reserved for pastels.

Via here

I took inspiration from the hint of dark sophistication in these rooms as well as their graphical rugs. 

Via here

Aqua kept popping up, as did stripes and chevron (or zig zags). I kept noting the comfy feeding chairs in the rooms and my eyes were always drawn to hints of zebra, whether in rugs or wall hangings, like the beauty below.

Via here

So Jenny Lind it was, but how to get one? The internet opens up so many possibilities to us but in reality these things are not always available to us, especially here is Australia. I searched every Australian baby store site (or what seemed like it) and obsessively searched eBay. I even wrote to a fellow Aussie blogger who'd written about hers and tossed up using a third party shipping company as she did to send one over from the US where they are seemingly everywhere, but I felt uneasy about it. One day, I thought I hit the jackpot when one came up on eBay in Sydney but the seller refused to ship. After some wild ideas of how I could get it, I had to let it go and told myself it would need a lot of work and paint to get it into shape anyway (it looked like it could have been 20 years old). Finally, finally, I searched Gumtree and found something. The side rails are straight rails rather than the turned spindle rails but the end rails and everything else are just the same as other Jenny Lind replicas. Better still, it was already white, only a few years old, had only been used for a grandchild and came with a matching change table. Now, funnily enough, in all my searching I had already picked up a Jenny Lind change table but it was older and needed painting. So I was happy to pass that onto a friend and keep the set that didn't need much work. The shelves of the change table had been covered in bright pink wrapping paper crammed with teddy bears and other cutsie things that were not to my liking. After prising this off, I recovered the change table with a fabric from Spotlight. The cot just needed an inner spring mattress to replace the foam one it came with. Here's a sneak peak of how they are looking now. 

As you can see, the side rails are straight but the ends have the cute spindles. 

And here's the change table with the new fabric covering the shelves and a new change matt. 

I also added in some baskets to store nappies, wipes and all that jazz. I had hoped to find white but I got to a point where I had to buy something in fear of the baby arriving before the baskets! Not sure whether to get more for the bottom shelves or keep that few to stow the nappy bag. 

There's been lots else done to this room, from painting every surface and staining the floors dark to switching out the curtains for roman blinds, adding a rug and making art for the walls. I hope to be back to share these projects with you very soon. 


  1. I am desperate for a Jenny Lind cot! Gahh! They are impossible to find here :( You hvae given me hope though! Your cot is so similar and would be perfect. Fingers crossed I can find one too. Beautiful makeover by the way :)

  2. PS - any tips on what to search for?

    1. Hi Nicola,
      It's so frustrating isn't it?! I can't count how many hours I spent searching for this cot. I searched for Jenny Lind and variations of it such as Jenny Lin and Jenny Lyn but in the end I found it isn't commonly called that here in Aus. They seemed to come up under colonial cot or spindle cot. Eventually I found it by scrolling through all the cots in Melbourne on Gumtree! The bassinets are easier to find I found. For example, here is one currently on eBay:
      I hope you find one. They are so sweet :)




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