Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A new obsession: hobnail milk glass

Do you ever wonder how you become fixated on certain items? Or how you go from not knowing what something is one day to feeling like you must have it the next? I must have an obsessive streak in me because I know too well the feeling of lusting after things, especially interior-related items. Sometimes, it's all about the thrill of the chase and tracking down hard-to-find beauties. Since this blog is all about the hunt for things that make my heart sing, it's probably obvious that I enjoy a good hunt, even if I'm not always collecting a booty. Must be the thrill of the chase. Truth be told, I'd love to be bringing all the treasure home, but neither my bank nor home can stretch that far.

Image via Haus of Mason

So, what's my latest obsession you ask? One look at the title of this post gives it away - hobnail milk glass. Do you know it? Milk glass is pretty much as it sounds - glass coloured the shade of a creamy white milk, while hobnail refers to the textured pattern of the glass which mimics the look of a hobnail. A hobnail is a short nail with a thick head traditionally used on the soles of shoes or boots. 

Image via Haus of Mason

I'm not having much luck finding it on eBay here in Australia but it seems to be everywhere on Etsy and blogs in the US. There's an old manufacturer called Fenton that seems to have made the bulk of it and I'm hoping some of it will surface when I get around to fossicking in some op shops and vintage stores. You can see my Pinterest board on hobnail milk glass here. 

Image via Haus of Mason

As for how this new love grew, I can only think that a certain mug I fell for while on holiday over the Australia Day weekend is to blame (holiday deets below). It wasn't hobnail as such, and I've since found they are currently available new in stores (yay), so not at all vintage either. I guess it just ignited something in me, most likely a memory of beautiful milk glass collections on the blogosphere. 

Image via House

It's made by Alex Liddy and is available in House stores. They call it a "Textured Mug - Dots" and at only $7.99 a pop, I gotta get me some! Usually I stick to my Country Road Bistro mugs in various patterns and colours but I've noticed my mum steers away from them when she stays, instead preferring some smaller bone china mugs I have (but don't like). Hopefully she likes drinking from these as I want to say goodbye to those other ones. Hello imitation hobnail! While I hunt down the real deal, these are sure to make my heart skip a little faster. 

Note on the holiday long weekend: We spent a lovely long weekend at Martha Cove on the Mornington Peninsula in this holiday house. Clearly I was a fan of the crockery! The kitchen was very well-equipped and overall the furnishings were pretty tasteful. Plenty of room for three couples and little ones. I'd also highly recommend a visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs and a wander around Sorrento. Elephant is a must-visit homewares store there (oh my, LOVE that place. I stumbled on it a year ago and I was so happy to be nearby recently that I went twice in one day!). We also enjoyed visiting the Ashcombe Maze and the Red Hill Brewery. We had a Mornington Peninsula attraction pass which made things more affordable. There is so much to do in this part of Victoria and it's an easy drive from Melbourne for a day trip or weekend. 

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