Sunday, February 7, 2010

Riding to Willy

Riding into a city at peak hour is scary. Not that I've tried it, but I want to. With Anna as my inspiration and Raquel as my guide, chances of accomplishment are rising, albeit at a leisurely pace. Riding over gullies and debris is more my terrain, a busy road with stressed drivers is not. Road rage and tooting horns send country girls packing. Bike paths are a saviour but slowly, slowly, I've been venturing out.

We clocked up 22 kilometres riding to Williamstown and back today using a healthy mix of busy and quiet roads with some easy, breezy bike paths added to the mix. The guide even said she was proud. Here, here!

It was such a beautiful day for a little outing on two wheels. Quite warm, but a pitstop at the Icecream Shoppe on Nelson Place helped, as did a little rest under a big tree overlooking the water and the city skyline.

Fears of not being able to move tomorrow are rising. Shoulders are a little tense, legs are feeling like they did their bit and the coccyx doesn't want to make contact with a bike seat for awhile. Ah, but what a relaxing way to pass an afternoon. Poor Charles was left to build us a garden shed on his own. I'm lead to believe it is better described as an outdoor cupboard. Whatever the case, it is certainly a delight to have a home for tools and camping gear.

Surely, you'll forgive us for gnawing on our slow-cooked lamb shanks after an afternoon like that? As for positively licking the mash and red wine juices from the plate afterwards...I'm sorry Nana, I'll eat like a lady tomorrow.

Icecream Shoppe
199 Nelson Pl, Williamstown VIC 3016
Phone: (03) 9399 9594‎

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