Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cushy, cushion love

Want, want, want. I must stop wanting, I must stop wanting. I must not dream of having piles of cool and quirky cushions. I must not dream of having an interior designer at my fingertips to advise me on which cool and quirky cushions would look especially cool and quirky on my couch. To dissipate my obsession, I am sharing my cushy, cushion love with you. If there is an interior designer lurking inside you, set it free and tell me your pillow preferences.
Rumble cushion by Make Me Iconic $80

Ampersand cushion by Auntie Cookie $45

Portrait cushion by Me and Amber

Eye Chart cushion by Artful Home $95

Danica cushion by Collection of Cool $39.95
Black music cushion by Town and Country Style

Black dragonfly cushion by Town and Country Style


  1. I love the look of cushions (my favourite from your selection was the music one), but I don't like using them when I am sitting on a couch so I am faced with a dilemma - do I take the practical/shrewd option or the aesthetic option? My hubby and are in the process (very long process) of purchasing a new couch which would be a perfect opportunity for me to add a cushion or two - our current couch is too daggy to even bother with cushions. To cushion or not to cushion - that is the question dear Charles Whyte.

  2. Anonymous thing, you make my heart sing. It's so exciting getting a comment! Charles Whyte advises you to make your home your own, incorporating all that you love and not bothering with the rest. If you're not a cushion girl, I say stick with that and save the money for other items that you will enjoy more while still decorating the space.




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