Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little vintage, a little French, a little yellow

When it comes to decorating, I believe in the old adage that the look will come together if you stick to what you love. It is no secret that a few are my loves are all things yellow, French or vintage. Or maybe all three? So, when it came to finding inspiration to fill the big, white space above the bed in our spare bedroom, it's no surprise that I came up with these images above. They've been saved in my decorating inspiration file for so long now that I've forgotten where I found them. Galerie Montmartre would be my guess.

Having a connection to the objects in your home is important, so I got to thinking that I could use one of my favourite Vogue covers next to the vintage posters. To celebrate 50 years, Vogue Australia had illustrator David Downton draw Cate Blanchett and the result was four different covers for the September 2009 issue.

As it happens in the surfing world, one thing leads to another and soon I was looking at other David Downton works, like this:

Heart sings. LOVE this! Assumingly unattainable. Grizzle.

With so many ideas, perhaps a photo frame wall is the ticket. It's been done a million times, but I love them. We have one in our dining area, Carrie had one in her old apartment...

Other ideas for the spare bedroom wall include a floor to ceiling drop of delicious wallpaper, one huge frame filled with said wallpaper, a beautiful bedhead or even some old shutters (art and a bedhead).
Photo by Geoff Dendle

Sadly, this blank wall is not so high on the priority list right now so I'll keep these images here to mull over and let you know of any updates. Ya gotta have dreams.

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