Friday, October 1, 2010

Cafe Love - Mr Wolf, St Kilda

Karen Martini's pizza restaurant was the perfect place to wolf something down before an exhibition opening at a nearby gallery. Delicious food - tick, delightful decor - tick, impeccable service - double tick. 

Even though we were a couple dining very early with all the families (read: KIDS), the attentive and professional service ensured our Mr Wolf dining experience was a comfortable and pleasant one. We ate and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh flavours of the insalata maltagliata ('chopped' rump steak, mixed leaves, ricotta, chilli, balsamic $25). The meat was tender and tasty with the smooth, mild blobs of ricotta providing some welcome reprieve from the almost overwhelming balsamic. The pancetta pizza (tomato, pancetta, buffalo mozzarella, olives, green chilli, oregano $23) was excellent with a thin, crisp base and tasty morsels scattered on top. Surprisingly, the meat-loving Mister commented more on the salad than the pizza. Gourmet pizzas are being done well by so many now that I start to question if it's impossible to be wowed by pizza anymore? Nevertheless, washed down with a Little Creatures brew and a glass of sauv blanc, it was an enjoyable meal for a rushed, Wednesday night. 

It's hard to say whether my heart was singing due to eating melted mozzarella and juicy pancetta - foods I've been resisting of late - or because I had the rare pleasure of walking into a restaurant to find my smiling beloved waiting. Maybe this is why they rave about date nights?! It's often not practical to travel separately when you co-habitate, but I like the occasion it provides. Whatever the reason for my heart singing, I'll take it and remember it as the memory of a crappy morning still lingers. Seize cheese the moment!

Mr Wolf
9-15 Inkerman St
St Kilda, Victoria

(03) 9534 0255 
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