Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shop Swooning: Black & Spiro, Brisbane

Imagine you are in Brisbane, being guided around New Farm by your sister, Mister in tow, when something catches your eye. "Stop," you shout. "We have to go back."

Imagine entering a shop that provides such a feast of visual delight that you don't know which way to look first. It's like the best birthday of your life, with all your favourite things layed out in front of you like an opulent scene from Marie Antoinette with cakes, bursts of colour and pure indulgence at every turn. Imagine a store that will make your heart sing so loud that you'll be on a natural high for hours to come. You might also feel like crying. This place is that good.

No, you haven't died and gone to heaven, you are in the magnificent surrounds of Black & Spiro, an interior design store in Brisbane. This is not a dream. This is a true story!

 Anna Spiro is the mastermind behind these aesthetically-satisfying surrounds and also the creator of the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog.
 There is such joy in all the colour used at Black & Spiro.
 Room after room, injected with a drug called colour.
 I've heard that love is the drug. Colour love included.
Forget recreational drugs, I've always been against them anyway.
 Just find a place like this that delights your senses for the highest of highs.
 My breathe drew inwards and an audible gasp escaped when I saw these curtains. It's the Velvet Gate Tuxedo fabric from Kravet that I fell in love with on Carrie and Big's bedhead. Remember?
 Warning: highs like this can be addictive.
Nothing could bring down my mood in this place - not even the Mister looking at all the price tags and saying "This place makes me feel sick". Same time, same place, very different reaction. What a funny, old world.

Black & Spiro
768 Brunswick Street
New Farm  Queensland  4005
Phone:  07 3254 3000


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post about my store! I am so thrilled you enjoyed your visit.

    Kind regards,
    Anna Spiro

  2. It was a pleasure to visit AND to write about it. Thank YOU for the amazing happy space you have created! Since I wrote this post, life has been hectic with little time for blogging so it was great to receive your comment. Looking forward to a second visit to Black & Spiro in a few weeks, Ellise x




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