Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A festive wrap tune

Forgive my absence, I have been happily baking up a festive storm after work each evening. No time for blogging between gingerbread men, almond bread, mince tarts, cherry and vanilla bean jam and Christmas spice biscuits with snowflake icing. Lots of photos to share but not until the the day draws closer to lessen the chance of ruining the surprise for any friends and family that check in here from time to time.

Lucky, all my gifts are wrapped so today I can proudly present my musical wrapping. Now this really has my heart singing. After a fossick through the books at Savers Footscray, I came across an old book of sheet music with pages yellowed just so without signs of mildew. After forking out $1.99 for the book, I was bursting to try this wrapping I'd only previously seen in magazines. Quick trip to a discount variety store for some red ribbon, a shipping label, some stamping with my kikki.k set and voila. Sweet tunes all round.

A few tips: some gifts are too big to wrap in the pages of the music book but it looked great on a solid square or rectangle (as above). Also, old books can smell musty. I posted two gifts wrapped this way interstate and was worried that they might not smell great after being trapped in a post bag, so just to be sure, I gave the gifts a spray of parfum! For this reason, this wrapping may not be for everyone. Keep some cartoon Santa wrapping paper on hand for those that may not appreciate your creative, gorgeous masterpieces (and for the kiddies that just want to rip into the treasure without a bow in their path). Save the delightful, vintage-inspired creations pour moi!


  1. Thank you Christie. I was thinking of all your inspiring riding this morning as I rode to work for the first time in many weeks!!! Merry Christmas cyber friend.

  2. All looks wonderful, and accompanied by inspiring words as usual. Your no. 1 follower in the far north ***wink wink***




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