Friday, December 10, 2010

Everlasting Wreaths

A wreath represents the festive season almost as much as a Christmas tree, but it has more power in instantly creating a festive mood and welcome for guests to your home. A wreath is a symbol of everlasting life and can really set the tone for your Christmas decor so find or make one you love.

While waiting for a wow wreath last year, I made a primitive wreath of sorts from wire, a garland of doves, red bows and a little red bird decoration. This year, I started the wreath search earlier, so by late November I had the desired plain wreath of twigs (above). With the addition of a big red bow, it's complete for this year. OTT style will surely emerge later in life.

I'm resisting the familiar urge to paint this hall stand white and trying to embrace the rustic, country vibe happening in our entrance hall. The wreath was slung over the coat hook temporarily but its made itself at home there after I realised that it would be squashed between the front door and the fly screen. I love the little white birds nesting on red baubles under the glass cloche. It feeds the part of me that desires antlers on my walls. For now I have the birds (and the angel wing decorations hanging off the pussy willow).

My wreath search was inspired by my mother who decorates a plain, twig wreath each year. These magazines helped too...
Real Living - December 2010

On another vein, there is something fresh and wonderful about these succulent wreaths from Viva Terra.

What could be better than a living wreath to represent everlasting life?


  1. Gorgeous! The worst thing about moving at this time of year as that i don't have a tree :(

    Thanks for visiting!

  2. You found it, you found it! So where did you find it????

  3. Your No 1 Blog Supporter & her Hunni BearDecember 17, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    Dear Charles Whyte,
    Wishing you and your beloved a meaningful Christmas and joyous New Year. Thank you for making all of our hearts sing in 2010 and may it continue in the year ahead.
    Much love,
    Your No 1 Blog Supporter & her Hunni Bear




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