Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Painting (and moving into) our study

Forgive me my absence, I've been covered in so much paint and dust for several weeks that I haven't been very inspired to blog and it became an unintentional blogging break. Sometimes it has felt we aren't doing much except making a very big, dusty mess. Though, looking back, we've been quite productive. I'll post a few short posts on what we've been up to, starting with repairing plaster and painting our study. 

Some bits of plaster were so cracked or bumpy that the Mister took them right out and replaced the plaster. 

There were hooks and an old string light switch on the ceiling to remove and fill in. I become very well acquainted with the top of this ladder when painting started in order to reach the 3.5 metre ceiling. 

After several stages of blending the new plaster with the old, it was time for me to get to work on washing the walls with sugar soap and cut in. 
Three coats of Dulux Whisper White on the walls and the same colour for the trims in gloss and we had this.

View back to the door to the living room...

We've now squished our lounge furniture in here while we go wild in the living room. It's very cozy!

We've since hung the curtain from the living room in here for privacy and also as a way to protect it from the crazy dust that has been flying around in the other room. It looks so good that we've ordered another from Naomi at Live Breathe Decor, just without the trim this time. 

We're now working on the living room before we replace the carpet in these two adjoining rooms. If you like very ugly "in progress" shots, see the following post on the next stage of our living room makeover.  I promise dust and debris!

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