Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cafe Love: Pizza Farro, Thornbury

Pizza is the unifying cuisine in our household. Our oft-differing tastes come together over baked dough topped with assorted foodstuffs and melting cheese. My man likes his any ways but preferably with lots of meat and sweet sauces (think barbeque chicken) on thick, bready bases. Pizza at any price will satisfy this guy and eating-in is optional. As for me, I prefer the non-greasy variety on thin bases with good-quality ingredients and not so much processed meat. And it is no secret that I enjoy the dining out experience. With the advent of so many wonderful pizzerias in Melbourne, we can both be satisfied. 

Our latest pizzeria experience at Pizza Farro came by recommendation from fellow blogger Ellie of the Little Lady blog. She read my post on +39 in the city and knew I would love the dessert pizzas here. 

I also loved the interior. Foodie themed wallpaper and lots of wonderful collections displayed thoughout the long space. Green watering cans dangling from the front counter make for a fun welcome and the rows and rows of old, wooden rolling pins hung from the ceiling beams are both rustic and festive. When I look up at them dangling above, I can't help think that the team here must have a real passion and devotion for the process of creating good food.  

A wall of wooden chopping boards is another cute and quirky display that has me excited (see bottom left of photo below) and I can't help but smile at the circle of old rotary beaters hanging from the kitchen ceiling, almost like a chandelier!


So, what of the food? Social convention forbade us from going straight for the desserts so we shared two large savoury pizzas between our party of three. Our vegetarian friend loved that the menu had a list of pizzas that were "Senza Carne (without meat)" rather than vegetarian. We happily ordered two of those (I think this says something about the psychology of words!). My favourite was the funghi pizza with mozzarella, taleggio, selection of seasonal mushrooms, sea salt, fresh parsley and truffle oil ($19.30). The taleggio cheese gave it a nice bite and overall this pizza had lots of flavour without heaviness.

Next we had the zucca pizza with napoli, mozzarella, roast pumpkin, walnuts, fresh rocket and sour cream ($18.90). Aside from the tang provided by the rocket, this was a very mildly flavoured pizza that could perhaps have done with some more bite (maybe goat's cheese in place of sour cream?). Tasty all the same and enjoyed with a shared garden salad ($10.90).

Then we got down to business and the real reason for our visit. Dessert! The Mister and the Vego pulled out all stops and went straight for the 'Corona Crumble' - a vanilla custard, poached apple and raspberry sweet pizza topped with crumble, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream dressed with a rhubarb, orange and  raspberry sauce ($15.30). Wowsers!

Please take note of those hands gripping the utensils in the photo above, poised and ready to devour!

This little beast was almost a pie and took a bit of eating. I do recall that not a crumb was left on either plate! I was allowed a small mouthful and, had I been blindfolded, I would have described it as a pudding, perhaps a crumble with custard.

Pour moi, the Nutella and ricotta calzone ($11.50). So much melted chocolate goodness. This was divine. The ricotta gave it a nice point-of-difference from other dessert calzones I have consumed but I won't lie and say I didn't miss the smooth, rich surprise of a 100% chocolate inner (like the to-die-for triple choc calzone from i Carusi in Brunswick East). If only I could have ordered two. I'm greedy like that.

Perhaps next time, I will cut straight to the chase and order the Nutella calzone. Yes, I'm talking next time as this place passes my ultimate test. I hope to go back. I also hope there might be more open dessert pizzas next time (L'Uccellino in Yarraville and i Carusi do these so well). I haven't mentioned the service which means it was just right - wait staff by our side when we needed them and quietly going about their business when we didn't. Thank you Ellie, what a great suggestion for a satisfying pizza meal that pleased everyone.

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  1. Thank God we are currently cooking pizza for dinner- you have increased the craving by 1000%! Pizza Farro looks delicious!

  2. I can't believe I missed this! Stupid reader :-( So glad you liked pizza farro! It's a little on the pricey side, but the dessert pizza makes it all worth it! Thanks so much for the shout out xx




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