Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A whipped frenzy of sconces

 JK Place Hotel via Decor Pad

This is not a post about scones fresh from the oven smothered in jam and whipped cream. No, it's not, although I do like eating the evidence of those posts. This is a post about something just as old school that has become palatable again in recent times - sconces. According to my friend the internet a sconce is a holder of a candle or other light source, attached to a wall with an ornamental bracket. Through my incessant trawling of blogs, I sometimes stumble across little trends (or revivals of old trends as is usually the case) in interiors, sconces beeing one of them.
Double French sconce from Neenas Lighting

One of the first things I noticed while visiting my cousin at her new place last week was a cute pair of old sconces flanking her fireplace complete with little black shades (not unlike the ones pictured above). At first Amy and her partner didn't like them but now that they've added their own touches to the space, they're growing rather fond on them. She is one talented and creative being, my cousin, and since our childhood days I have loved visiting any room she inhabits and subsequently stamps with her personality, books, art, trinkets and piles of invitations she's designed. A little aside: Amy was kind enough to use her design talents to makeover Charles Whyte and I am absolutely loving the new look for the blog. So much fresher and stylish, don't you think? All her designs and invitations get me excited. If you too love letterpress printing and boutique design that conjures the elegance of a bygone era, visit her blog or business website, Saint Gertrude Design and Letterpress. 

Libby Langdon via Hamptons.com

So sconces, in all their vintage glory are really the kind of thing Amy should love and these pictures will be sure to win her over if she is still a little unsure. Around a fireplace or mantle, especially in a living room, is one of the obvious places for them. In the picture above they are extended all round the room.

The top picture in this blog post is heaven to me. The mantle, the bust, the trim, the huge mirror, the chairs (oh the chairs!), the pop of pink from the orchid and of course, the sconces that just complete the serene, elegant space. Bathrooms are also home to many scounces, though in the following pictures the fancy spaces might be better described as powder rooms.

 Image via Decor Pad

Patrick J Baglino Interior Design let a sconce add something extra to toile wallpaper (love the roman blind with the black trim too). 
Image source: Decor Pad

Monique Lhuillier knows that a sconce with Imperial Trellis wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler makes a real impact. 

The sconces here add to the bold, almost medieval bathroom. In fact, sconces pop up anywhere, not just in living rooms and bathrooms. In the picture below, they add to the sophistication of the menswear department in the Bergdorf Goodman department store.

So now you know, if you didn't already, that a sconce is not a scone but a lovely little morsel in its own right. 

On Thursday I'll be welcoming Jenn, a guest blogger from Arcadian Home Decor, to Charles Whyte. She's got some inspiration images for me on red and turquoise bedrooms. I have been adding this colour combination to my own boudoir so I'm very excited! See you then.


  1. I hadn't contemplated sconces for our renovation but now you've got me thinking... I think I must have some now!

  2. Oh Ellise, I think your home and my sconces are a match made in heaven! Thanks for the shout-out, too. The blog is looking good :)




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