Saturday, January 16, 2010

Au Revoir Moonee Ponds, Hello Footscray!

What an exciting, exhausting week it has been for us as we moved over a few suburbs to Footscray. A week of annual leave sounded like a comfortable time frame to fit everything in, but with the temperature soaring past 40 degrees celsius earlier this week in Melbourne, it seemed far from comfortable. Thankfully the rest of the week has been far more pleasant with fine, sunny weather, a smooth settlement and a pair of friendly, helpful removalists to boot.

We seem to have used every hour available to finish packing, move, unpack and then return to clean our old place. The good news is that we are super happy with our new pad and despite feeling weary, I haven't even been able to sleep in. Now that's a first, I must be in love. I have been sneaking out of bed to play with the dishwasher and add to the growing 'To Do or Buy' list. Most rooms are roughly in place now excluding the study which is jam-packed with boxes and screaming for some attention before we return to work on Monday. I'll deal with that tomorrow.

Right now I want to rave about our evening exploring our new neighborhood, namely a little fish and chip shop around the corner from our home sweet home. It's called Ebi Fine Food and due to the name, it took us a few days to confirm that it is a fish and chip shop. Tonight we discovered that it's a fish and chip shop with a difference and a pleasant one at that. They call it "Japanese fusion fish and chips" and the staff (or owners?) were very welcoming and kindly gave us some veggie balls ("vegetarian version of an Osaka Street snack") with tasty Japanese mayonnaise on the house while we waited. Sadly, I didn't have my phone on me to capture the neat presentation in a small, curved tray that looked to be made of a dried leaf. The photo above shows our order of the Togarashi Calamari and chips ($10) and the fresh fish of the day (Rockling) in beer batter with salad ($8). We could have chosen tempura rather than beer batter for the fish, but we were advised that the Rockling lends itself to beer batter so we went with that. The home-made citrus mayonnaise and tartare were a nice touch. We are already talking about our next visit and picking something more adventurous from the menu. Maybe a crab croquette, a bento box or the teriyaki salmon. Yum.

After dinner, we were very full but decided we needed a short walk to burn it off while taking the next step in becoming real locals. By that I mean heading to the local video shop to become members! We hired the new Aussie flick Charlie and Boots and I must have enjoyed it as I stayed awake all the way through and laughed more times than I can remember. Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow and some more firsts...first big grocery shop and, hopefully, first bike ride on this side of the tracks!

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  1. Welcome to the area! We must be neighbours as Ebi Fine Food is just around the corner from me too. Thanks for the review, looking forward to trying it. Hope you enjoy this corner of the world.

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome, Ms Baklover. I think we are going to enjoy living in this little corner, and thanks mainly to the blogging community, we are already sniffing out the places to go. Hope you enjoy trying Ebi.

  3. We're also just around the corner. What a small internet world we live in.

    We've only had regular fish and chips there so far, but I enjoyed those. I can also vouch for the mayonnaise.

    Staff were friendly, and offered tea while I waited. I told myself I'd be more adventurous with my selection next time.




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