Sunday, January 31, 2010

Markets, Manicures, Cocktails, Tapas and Hedges

It's not often I have such a low key day but we got more excited than anticipated at our cocktails and tapas evening last night. Our friends rode over on their bikes now that we have moved into their neighbourhood, but they were in no condition to ride home. Very funny until we woke up with sore heads. Needless to say, there are no gastronomic delights to report on today as the Mister's delivery of fried chicken and chips to my perch on the couch was hardly worthy of a photo even if it did perk me up. Apart from the fried delights, he also picked up a hedge trimmer and proceeded to do wonders to the overgrown hedges in our courtyard. I was in charge of raking up afterwards, filling our green waste bin and getting some therapeutic fresh air in the process.
One of the hedges - before

So many leaves...

The after shot taken on our digital camera rather than the iPhone.
I was much more energetic yesterday and our first trip to the Footscray market as locals inspired an afternoon of tapas preparation (lamb,pinenut and mint meatballs, sweet and sour vege sticks and tandoori chicken drummettes, mmm!).

It's not all about food though, as there was also my dear friend's birthday to celebrate with a visit to Jade Finger Tips in Yarraville for a spa pedicure for her ($35) and manicure for me ($20).

The gorgeous SJ enjoying her birthday treat
Getting an appointment without simply walking in last week caused me some angst due to their almost non-existent web presence. Just finding their phone number was a challenge, even being told they had moved when I called what I thought was their number. Maybe my profession makes me harsh on small businesses and I do admit that critiquing marketing and PR tactics is a little pleasure of mine. In the case of Jade Finger Tips, I should be grateful that they don't invest heavily in marketing because it may be the reason that their prices remain reasonable. They always seem busy regardless, and most customers just walk in off the street. I definitely recommend sharing the experience with a friend; it’s a great girly indulgence. The cocktails and tapas at home with the boys afterwards rounded off a nice day of celebrations.

Jade Finger Tips: Nail and Spa: 38 Anderson Street, Yarraville VIC 3013. Phone: 03 9687 0881
Footscray Market: Cnr Hopkins Street and Leeds Street, Footscray. Phone: 03 9687 1205

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