Thursday, January 7, 2010

Space and time

Dead tree that caught my eye near Horsham, Victoria
How sweet are holidays? I’m back at work this week after a hectic festive period travelling around country Victoria. The memory of snatching a snippet or two of that dreamy holiday feeling is still fresh in my mind. To me, holidays are about being away from your own environment in quiet locations, preferably with copious amounts of fresh, country air. Limited mobile reception, intermittent news reports and no alarms or awareness of the date and time can be difficult to get used to initially but I find that these are the elements that ultimately allow me to feel disconnected from the everyday. I love the other-worldliness of being disconnected and banishing the routine. Having the space and time to let my mind dream and wander is a luxury that I don’t feel I often have and I wish I could bottle it. It takes me back to my late teens and early twenties when I dreamed of what I would do, who I’d become and all I could achieve. Why do we get so caught up rushing about doing our thing? Is it all this talk of living in the present? Reflection and engaging the imagination seem to me to be key to planning and setting goals for your life. I spent many an hour over my 10 day break driving long distances and gazing out the window dreaming of our new home. Grand plans and room themes manifested in my head. So I may have got a little carried away, and I’m yet to find out if they become a reality, but I do believe you have to have vision. Here are a few iPhone snaps that capture my time way from the office.
View from by big brother's new abode over the Wimmera River.

Old shed doors.

Old books found on a lovely day out with my sister-in-law in Castlemaine. There were many to choose from so we had to be savvy in our selection. The rules were: no more than $3 each, colours should coordinate and the title should be somewhat interesting to us. Admittedly, we weren't buying them to read so the title wasn't much of a concern. I might be onto a new style before I read them! The mini dresser was found propped up against a charity bin in the carpark of Safeway Moonee Ponds (I hope that's not classified as stealing).

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