Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware: Typo

Retailers are cottoning onto our love of stationery, making it a cinch for everyday items to inspire. Before Christmas I was excited to discover Typo within the Cotton On store in Melbourne's Bourke Street. When shopping for others, why do we always find so many things we want for ourselves? I had to tie my hands behind my back and remind myself about the spirit of giving.

I've since found a Typo concept store at DFO in Spencer Street and this time there was no holding me back. The flip clock has made a come back of late and as a lover of clocks, this clean and simple design quickly made it to my list of things to hunt for. Once I'm on the hunt, I either see the item I seek everywhere or nowhere. In the case of the flip clock, it's the former. It's in every home mag and you can even get one as an iPhone app (seen on design blog swissmiss). Here's my Typo version ($16.95) sitting on some Typo notebooks ($2 each).

Typo may not be as slick as star stationer kikki.K, but it sure rivals its competitors in attitude and price. Highly recommended, but beware of the Typo, there is no going back. It's a mistake I'm happy to make though. Much better than being Cotton On and writing about expanding into gifts and STATIONARY (yes, with an 'a') on their website. Could it be their way of promoting Typo by example?!

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