Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jackets to sizzle in

As much as I lament the end of summer, I have to admit that winter fashions really do it for me. The sun may keep you warm in summer but jackets and scarves do the job in the winter and are cut from a far more stylish cloth than a tank top. Jackets, coats, scarves... love 'em. Want them in every colour and style. "Investment” jackets need not apply. Not only does my wallet whimper at whopping price tags but I hate the idea of wearing the same thing every day. I wouldn’t wear the same cardigan each day so why should I wear the same jacket or coat? Give me more.

In the space of a lunchtime today, I found two jackets that I would happily hang in my wardrobe and adore all winter if only they were FREE! Lucky I was saved by the fact that this one from Cue was too small for me and they didn’t have the next size in stock.
But how well does it suit my bag? It was almost rude not to hand over the $270 and make it mine. It has a fab ruffle waist (or peplum) detail, perhaps inspired by Victoria Beckham's Carmontelle dress. To prove the power of the Cue peplum, last year's Melbourne Cup Myer Fashions on the Field winner triumphed in a Cue version of the Posh dress.

The scarf in the photo is a recent purchase from Catalog ($29.95). I was on the hunt for a zebra stripe scarf to go with these old zebra print ballet flats from Witchery but, as is usually the case when you decide to buy something so specific, I couldn't seem to find one. So the snow leopard won me over and I'm told this is what you call "mashing it up". Don't ask me to explain - I'm not up with fashion speak these days.

The other jacket I found today was a navy double-breasted bomber jacket ($299) from Country Road. I'm yet to decide if it's the style I like or purely the fact that I've finally found a navy jacket. Truly, it's been a hunt of several months duration, maybe close to a year. A navy blazer was the first choice but has proved elusive. Oh, inky hues, why are you reserved for business suits, nurses pants and middle-aged yachting ladies?

I have a perfectly lovely velvet navy double-breasted jacket in my wardrobe in a size 8. Size 8? When did I ever fit even half an arm in that thing?

Nothing goes from weekday to weekend like navy, so tell me dear Followers, yes all ten of you, where does one find a navy jacket? And I'm not talking size 8 versions!


  1. Great jacket, haven't been into Cue in ages, might need to take a look :)

  2. Hey I saw a lovely Esprit navy blazer on eBay - might still be there if you're lucky. I've been on the hunt myself...




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