Monday, July 19, 2010

A visual feast of design publications

My heart sings on days like this as I can do some serious eating with my eyes. For the last month I've put a stop to indulging on taste and am exploring gluttony through my other perfectly capable senses. I inhale the smell of morsels roasted in fat while consuming steamed vegetable delights. I touch the window of the cake shop and attempt to feast my eyes on something other than the candy confections calling my name. Indulging in my non-edible loves is much more satisfying than constantly teasing my tastebuds (even if it sometimes feels more like I'm depriving than teasing). 

Today, the August issue of Real Living (pictured above) hits the newstands and is a welcome beast that I'm planning to devour with my eyes. I wouldn't want to destroy the delightful pages in any other way. I can only guess that it looks and smells (in that new book way) better than it tastes. Louise over at Table Tonic is going to be doing cartwheels over the pretty cover featuring one of her Moroccan pouffes and piles of Ikat cushions. So gorgeous. 

Real Living is, as its name suggests, a magazine full of real homes and ideas that are within its readers reach. The interiors are still inspiring but they are accompanied by practical tips on how the look can be achieved in a home where people live and breathe. Its appeal lies in its fresh, young take on sophistication and the uplifting use of colour.

It is for the same reasons that I practically inhaled and devoured Domino: The Book Of Decorating - A Room-By-Room Guide To Creating A Home That Makes You Happy.  


The book's sub-title really sums it up. There is no stuffiness or display home style in sight. It's all about creating spaces with personality for you and your family, surrounding yourself with objects that you love and trusting that style will follow. It is written by the editors of the former US magazine of the same name. Its origin is its only downfall, and only in th sense that we Aussies don't have access to all of the brands mentioned. However, it wins points in spades for its pretty hardcover and a timelessness that is difficult for a monthly mag to achieve. It also helps my secret desire for a pile of coffee tables books a la Scottie and Kevin of Brothers and Sisters fame. Here's a peek inside if you haven't seen already...

Such a post would be incomplete without mentioning Lonny, the online gem of the decorating world. If this were an interior design feast, Lonny would be a dessert worthy of much lip-licking, even after an entree of Real Living and a main of Domino. It is hard to believe something so beautiful is free to view online. You can thank your god for the existence of advertisers right about now, and while we're at it, perhaps we should give thanks to Lonny's creators for going paperless and saving the planet. 

Admittedly, I would love to touch and feel this publication, but it seems the use of visual senses is de rigeur in publishing, not just in my diet. Let the feast begin. 

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