Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Got any blacker? Dining in the dark

After eleven months of other priorities and deliberating over paint or wallpaper, a decision has been made on the colour for our kitchen and dining area. We are sticking with the colour wrap (painting 2 walls in one colour and the other two in another - white in our case) but gleefully saying good riddance to our inherited eggplant/deep purple walls. Loving how the sample turned out on the wall and sooo excited to finally be doing it. Here are my inspiration pics for this room:

Image: Decor Pad

Image: Decor Pad
Image: Bettsy Kingston
Image:Sofiaa Interiors

 And some general black inspiration...
 A bathroom belonging to Gwenyth and Chris
Birdgage wallstickers from interiorinstyle.com.au

Black is not always associated with happiness but my heart sure sings when I peep at the area I've started. This is one black hole I can't wait to spend some time in. 

Update: Click here to see the finished black and white kitchen/dining paint job.


  1. LOL - hope it's not like a black hole in space!

  2. I hope not either Maggie. There shall be no black clouds or visits from the black dog in my black cauldron of dreams!

  3. Apparently for the Maasai (in Kenya & Tanzania), black is associated with rain clouds - a symbol of life and prosperity!

    Enjoy your "new look"!

  4. Life and prosperity, I like the sound of that! Thank you for your optimistic view, Mrs Tee. It's very much appreciated. I'll have to write your post on my new wall in chalk :)




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