Thursday, November 25, 2010

I wanna be a Kawaii Kid

Truth be told, I am wishing I was a teeny tiny tot today because I am swooning over gorgeous little girl clothes. And who wouldn't like to re-live their childhood sometimes? If it means being fed, watered and generally doted on, I'm there. Just dress me up in these sweet threads from Kawaii Kids. I promise to be a good girl and I will not stomp in the enticing puddles outside.
 BubbaGrubb tee and bloomers
 Sooki Baby France Frilly Skort
 Sooki Baby France Nappy Pant
 Sooki Baby Etsy Dots Tee
 Sooki Baby Mushroom Tee
 Sooki Baby Mushroom Tee
 Sooki Baby Mushroom Printed Playsuit
Little Sailor Girl Swimwear

This week, we have welcomed a niece into the world, hence the excitement over finding pretty little things online. On a trip to my husband's home town of Birchip in north-west Victoria earlier this year, I discovered that a kids shop had opened in the main street.

For a tiny country town, this is a big thrill! And it is cute to boot. I found some uber cool union jack jeans at the time for a nephew, but I spotted all the girls pieces at Kawaii Kids and have been hoping since that the new addition was of the female variety. Why? A) the nephew to niece ratio was sitting at 6 to 1 and b) there are so many cute things to buy for little girls. Incidentally, kawaii means cute in Japanese.

Lucky for me, since it is a very long drive to Birchip, Kawaii Kids started out as an online boutique and continues to have a very successful online presence. Both the Birchip and online stores stock Japanese and Korean inspired clothing and accessories but there is also a range of boutique and handmade labels. Plus cute cards and prints to decorate a child's room, like these from The Little Humbugs.

They ship all over the world so check out the website, or if you're feeling in the mood for a roadtrip to the open expanses of the Mallee plains, drive 310km up the Calder and, after a turn or two, you'll be greeted by  the big, red bull . You have to love supporting small businesses, especially those having a go in little country towns. All going well, there will soon be kawaii kids roaming streets across the world and I hope I'm not too big to be one of them.

Kawaii Kids
33 Cumming Avenue
Birchip VIC
Phone: 03 54922785


  1. Err, didn't mean to sway you. Boys get cool union jack jeans, don't forget!! But girls do get all the fashion fun.

  2. Adore your blog! We should work together, I run a kawaii related blog, get in touch if you want to collab? CTL x




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