Friday, November 5, 2010

A ray of cup and saucer sunshine

Everyone needs a cup that makes their heart sing. When all else fails in life, get yourself a cuppa I say and use a cup you love. It's the solution to writer's block, it's the answer to that craving for a little something, it's a warm vessel of comfort... nothing like a cuppa.

As one that appreciates abundance, a generous cup is my style and I have been happy with Country Road's bistro mugs in red and white stripes and solid red for quite some time.  If I had room in my kitchen, I would get myself a few of these babies though - jumbo pop cup and saucer's from T2. All the refinement and elegance of a cup and saucer but plenty of room for a decent drink. Oh, and not to mention the delightful splash of yellow to brighten the mood. Swoon. Surely, I can fit one or two?!

T2 jumbo pop cup and saucer $22

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