Sunday, December 20, 2009

Waiting for a Wow Wreath

What is it with all the green, plastic wreaths out there? Where do I find a simple, classy wreath for Christmas? I've been asking myself these questions for the last few Christmas' so last year I resorted to fastening my own from a coathanger (above). What do you think? Not sure if a coathanger can be described as classy but I like it more than the mangy green ones out there. The french hens are on a garland from Provincial Home Living and cost around $15. The little red, sequinned bird was also from Provincial and was around $4 from memory. The red bows with the bells were next to nothing at a discount variety store.
By next Christmas I would like to have a plain wreath woven from twigs that I can redecorate each year like my mum does. I found a gorgeous one in the December 2009 issue of Country Style magazine by Wildwood Weaving (picture below). It has a rustic feel with a nest perched on it, and even though it looks like it would have taken time and skill to create, I'm just not prepared to pay $170 for it if I'm planning to remove the nest at some stage.

Looks like I'll have to wait for 2010 to find the perfect wreath. Something special for our first Christmas in our own home...

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