Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspiration file: Living room

After swooning over the work of Kelly Wearstler, Diane Bergeron and Black & Spiro, I've decided the look for our living room should be modern, vintage glamour with a touch of Hollywood Regency on a budget! My inspiration folder revealed these common features that I'm hoping to incorporate:
  • Black and white scheme with a few yellow touches
  • Use of bold, graphical prints
  • Matching lamps and other symmetrical touches
  • Unusual/eclectic/vintage objets d'art
Take a look (and my apologies for not knowing where most of these pics originated):

 Love the stripey rug above, the white bamboo chairs, the head bust statue and the airy feeling.

 Ooh symmetry! I like most of this, especially the x-stools, rug and Greek key cushions.

Symmetry (again), how I love thee. The trellis rug is what caught my eye in this design by Kelly Wearstler and I love the introduction of the yellow.
The above is a little busy for my personal style - I only wish I could add so much interest without it looking messy and mismatched. The black, Barcelona chair and ottoman manage to look cosy here. Is that a reindeer? Loving the antlers. Another bust. Love.

I saved this image for the paint colour and carpet. Also love the illustrations, the sofa, the rug and the burst of pink from the blooms.

Hunting and gathering for our own living room is now in full swing. I've tracked down some exciting pieces (an ottoman and trellis cushions to be revealed in later posts) but there's lots more to do. A fresh coat of white paint on the beadboard and a subtle grey to cover the green walls is on the agenda and new carpet too. Doubt over my initial choice of sisal has set in, so I'm looking for alternatives. The search for a replacement mantle continues.

After getting some handy advice from Naomi of the Live Breathe Decor blog, I need to find time to paint four more black and white canvases to add to the two I did a few years back, track down an attractive fire screen to hide the ugly heater and have curtains made with some Greek key detailing. Did I mention I'm looking for a TV unit and side tables?! No time for my day job when I'm on the hunt for all the things that make my heart sing. Oh, hang on, that's how I finance this little adventure. Life!

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