Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sartorial Sunday: Maxi dreaming

Is it just me or do you sometimes wish you had a magic wand too? It could transport you to sunny resorts and make everyone's heart sing with just a flick of the wrist.

My little bro is having a rough trot so we were down in Geelong to see him this weekend. The area reminds me of my university years and summer holidays at the beach. Unfortunately, it was grey and gloomy today so no frollicking in the sea for me.

I'm living vicariously through my Polly Dolly this week and sending her off for some fun in the sun, or better still, some reading time under an umbrella on a sunbed with a cocktail in hand. Being the kind soul that I am -and so that I feel like I am on holiday too - I've loaned her my white thongs, Tiffany pendant and Savvy Chic book (a birthday gift that I'm reading greedily). Lucky Polly Dolly has a Stella McCartney gloss nylon bag and vintage maxi dress of her own. Sunscreen is a must, so she's taking some 30+ Le Tan. We agreed that it has the best smell and consistency. Bon voyage Polly Dolly. May there be sunshine in your heart and a few teeny rays kissing your face.

This is my entry in the Polly Dolly weekly Polyvore challenge (but I'm trying to learn Photoshop so I used that rather than Polyvore) in conjunction with my own Sartorial Sunday .

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