Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cushy, cushion love - part two

There's a certain fabric pattern catching my eye of late. Sometimes called trellis, Moroccan tile, riad, or Moorish, the simple repeated graphic catches my eye. You may remember me loving it on a bedhead in Sex and the City 2 or on curtains at Black and Spiro. I'm on the hunt for cushions again as I'm not so sure about the ones chosen in my last search. A few in the Windsor Smith Riad fabric paired with some coordinating graphical prints - like links, diamonds or squares - could do nicely. Perhaps...

 Trellis fret work cushion by Nena Von on Etsy

 Trellis fret work cushion by Nena Von on Etsy

 Pop by Sheridan Jiro pillowcase

 Trellis fret work lumbar cushion by Nena Von on Etsy

Circles and Squares cushion by Olive and Joy (Florence Broadhurst fabric)

Link cushion by Milk and Cookies on Etsy

Decisions, decisions!

There were not enough hours in the day for Sartorial Sunday today. I searched the web for pics of my new jacket to no avail and it's far too dark and late to take any myself. Lovers of chilled Sunday fashions - I apologise.


  1. I think the Milk and Cookies one is my favourite.

  2. The three Nena Von ones for me, particularly the colour of the lumbar one.




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