Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sartorial Sunday: Megan Hess

Today's Sartorial Sunday is devoted to the work of talented Melbourne fashion illustrator, Megan Hess. On March 6, Megan's illustrations jumped off the pages of The Age's M mag in the lead up to L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and I wanted to see more.
 Regular readers will know that the images above and below, with their pops of yellow, were a sure fire way of getting my heart to sing a little happy tune as I searched the web for more.

It was soon obvious that Megan Hess is no newcomer to the fashion world with a list of impressively chic clients as Vogue, Chanel, Tiffany & Co and Bloomingdales, New York.

This talented Aussie has even illustrated Candace Bushnall's novels, such as Sex and the City.

In a previous post, I ogled the work of another fashion illustrator, David Downton, with our guest room wall in mind. My heart has now wandered to a talent closer to home. If I was the type to "commission" pieces, I would be looking up Ms Hess right away. Happy Sunday!

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