Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lighting up my life one lamp at a time

A few things are slowly coming along for our living area, although nothing complete. This week, I'm trying to light up my life with some lamps (excuse the lame pun!). As mentioned in my living room inspiration post, I want a pair of lamps either side of a sofa for some symmetry.  These rooms with their lovely lamps made my heart skip a beat...


 Cottage Home via Apartment Therapy

A touch of French moderne by Jan Showers

Bold, statement lamps are taking my fancy...

 Still inhaling yellow at every turn. These are Shine by SHO lamps. 

 Loving other lamp makeovers like these from Small Shop. And look at the bookends!

 Artichoke lamps from Psyunne. Almost edible. I also like all the kitsch animal lamps around but my decorating ethos is to stick to things I love and animals aren't really up there!

 Contrasting trim on lamp shades is to-die-for, as is this arrangement from the blog Southern Hospitality.

And now I have to hunt down some lamp shades of my own because I've picked up some lamp bases on eBay. They received no bids the first time they were auctioned. I couldn't quite decide if they were 'right' and missed the end of the auction. Luckily they re-listed and I took the plunge the second time around and got the pair (in working order) for 46 buckaroos! Here's a sneak peek of them squished onto the mantle (not where they will live):

No, they are not black and white. No, I'm not a fan of maroon/burgundy. Yes, I can buy a can of spray paint at my local Bunnings. Ta da!

Spray painting was so fun. Hopefully the high was a natural one and not related to paint fumes :) Can't wait to find other things to spray.

Before threading the light fitting back through, I will give them a final coat as some areas look a little dark. I painted the gold thingy under the globe socket too and it looks really good.  I'm glad I took the chance on these. They are certainly not finished but after a bit of paint, I'm excited by their potential. Have to learn to trust my vision.

Now my attention is on lamp shades. I'm thinking a large black drum shade to which I'll add white trim. Down the track, I think I'll cover the shades with a geometric print. I'm still inspired by the Florence Broadhurst Circles & Squares material seen on lamps back when I visited Black & Spiro in Brisbane.

I still fantasise about that dreamy store! Of course, my dreams are in black and white or yellow.

I will, of course, report back when they are fini and provide a photo in better light. For now, my friends, it's lights out.

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  1. Hi Ellise, would you believe I was the underbidder on those lamps!!? I too ummed and ahhed about them but was disappointed when I missed out. But they will look so much better at your place! They look fab sprayed white, I'm a friend to the spray can myself. Can't wait to see the finished product! Naomi x




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