Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cafe Love: Three Bags Full

There are few perks for a small-time blogger, it is mostly a self-gratifying pastime with a frequent feeling that no-one is really reading, bar those kind souls who may be bound by friendship (or blood!). One lovely perk that does come to mind is the recommendations I'm given for cafes and shops I might like to eat at or visit. A highlight is Three Bags Full in Abottsford - a cafe suggested to me for the light fittings and the excellent coffee.

The lights did appeal, especially the quirky cups and saucers dangling over the bar. Of course I loved the industrial light over the til and the bare bulbs over the tables by the front windows. Nothing new there, I've professed my love in that department many times. The pleasant surprises really delighted too, like the touches of yellow in both the pepper grinders and the road signs repurposed as stools.

Located in a converted warehouse, Three Bags Full is a natural at industrial chic style and sits close to the border of grunge. With so many quirky touches, high marks must be given for decor, even if personal taste dictates a larger dose of feminine comforts before a space can be declared 100 per cent swoonworthy. Take this menu below, for example. It is cool, yes, and it does have touches of my beloved yellow but it looks dirty and I'm not so keen on dirty. Pretty, white paper may be boring but it does help in reading a menu easily.

Speaking of the menu, Three Bags Full offers some exciting choices that make selection very tough.

Eventually I chose this toasted house made fig and raspberry bread with vanilla bean mascarpone, fresh strawberries and passionfruit ($14.50).

House made anything gets me excited and this dense fruity bread did not disappoint. The mascarpone was fresh and heavenly, if a little too indulgent. Not that this thought crossed my mind until every morsel was consumed and I was beginning to think I shouldn't have ate every last scrap. How could I not eat it though?!

The ricotta hot cakes with poached fruit and orange infused ricotta ($14.50) caused me to develop a heavy dose of food envy. Oh my. Good by all reports.

The last dish to grace our table was a special and my memory of the details are sketchy. They are fritters with asparagus and poached egg, although I'm not sure if they were cauliflower or corn or both! I do remember that the sauce was mild and could have done with extra zing.

For good reason, throngs of Melburnians descend upon Three Bags Full on weekends. There are lots of seats (although you may still have a short wait), the food is delish and the decor provides some interesting delights.

A return visit would be welcomed, a sure sign of my approval (as described here). I love it when others know what I love!

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  1. Oooh yum! I think I'll be heading there soon. Pancakes look delish! xx




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