Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cafe Love - Hardware Societe (again!)

Double love is not something I condone but I make exceptions where necessary. Not when it comes to infidelity in relationships people, I'm talking repeat visits to cafes and restaurants! So intent am I at trying new places, second visits are reserved for eateries within walking distance of home, work lunches where time and choice is limited, or places of particular note. The Hardware Societe falls in the latter grouping.

In a previous post, I swooned over the decor and vibe. You can read that here.

It has one of those menus that makes me wish for a metabolism that could handle 3 dishes in one sitting!

 Fried brioche, salted caramel, toasted peanuts, shiraz poached pears $14. So bad but so good.

The Continental - fresh figs, nut crumble, mango and pineapple ceviche, croissant, yoghurt $13

Loved the tang of the yoghurt and its presentation in a red-lidded jar.

On this particular visit, I was feeling quite rundown and a dose of The Hardware Societe was the perfect tonic. I miss working in the city when I think about this place. It's one of my happy places!

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