Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cafe Love: +39 Pizzeria

Situated between Hardware Lane and Elizabeth Street on Little Bourke, +39 Pizzeria is nestled conveniently in the heart of the culinary mecca that is the Melbourne CBD.

As you can see from the photo, the team at +39 claim that pizza is sexy, and with a menu that boasts dessert pizzas, I have to agree. Look at all that divine Nutella would you?!

+39 is the international dialling code for Italy so what better name for name for a Melbourne Pizzeria with strong connections to that far away land, right down to the sing-song accents of the staff.

The Age Epicure has awarded them Pizzeria of the Year on more than one occasion and with that sort of kudos, it has become my safe choice if I am asked at a moment's notice for a good, casual place to eat in the city. Recently we took our teenage cousins visiting from the country to +39 for lunch and introduced them to the wonders of dessert pizza, not before we found some savoury delights to pass as pre-dessert of course.

There are plenty of ciabattas and ready-made options in the display counter but we're here for the pizzas.

First up, a classic choice, the margherita ($16) to curb our appetites. Simple but tasty.

My pick of the lot, the Gamberi with prawns, zucchini, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes ($25). The little dish of chilli oil beckons from the table and a drizzle on the prawms made them all the better.

The Salsiccia was the choice for the meatlovers of the group with Italian sausage, porcini mushroom, tomato, mozzarella and parmesan ($25). Personally, I found this a bit rich and sausage meat doesn't appeal much to me.

Then the pièce de résistance, the Maxi sweet pizza with strawberry and Nutella $20. Oh. My. God.


I live for pizza like this oozing with hot, melted Nutella and topped with strawberries and ice-cream for a refreshing, cool contrast. Be still my beating heart. Any pizza place without dessert pizzas is turning their back on one of the greatest food inventions. It's no rocket science but they are always the most memorable part of a pizza meal so I urge all present and future pizzerias to ensure there are sweet endings of the pizza variety available on their menus. At +39 I was left feeling sweet and warm. Comfort foods have the power to make the world a better place. Bellisimo! 

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  1. My friend was just telling me about this place! She couldn't believe that I hadn't been there and now I can't believe I haven't either. I am a slave to the dessert pizza. I usually head to Pizza Farro in Thornbury, but this place is on the list!

  2. Hey, thanks for your comments! You really must try taco truck, it is sooooo good! I'm not sure about the twitter feed, I have found that it isn't as frequently updated as their facebook page. So maybe try that as your first port of call. Good luck!




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