Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Colour pops in to brighten the study

The obsession with yellow continues and the time has come to expand from yellow handbags and fashion to interiors. Nothing like a pop of this sunny shade to make you smile and if returning home was not sweet in itself, some yellow in your living quarters is sure to brighten your mood as well as your home.

With the longevity of a hue facisination unknown, a yellow investment piece may not be wise. Find cheap and cheery ways to bring a splash of colour to your space. For those of us with zero sewing talent, wielding a brush and a tin of paint is effective and achievable. Stick to updating inexpensive furniture, wall hangings, linen, textiles and accessories before changing carpet, tiles and wall colour as they can be harder to change once your passion dies, not to mention expensive.

This solid wooden dining chair was picked up at Savers Footscray. The sticker read $6.99 but it scanned up at $3.50. Turned out to be 50% off furniture day! Bargain. After a quick dust and wipe down with a damp cloth, it was time for the first coat of paint. That's right, no sanding. The friendly staff at the Paint Spot Footscray had recommended oil paint if little or no sanding was taking place. A small tin cost $9.20 but this could do two chairs.

Visible streaks could be seen after the first coat. I'm sure sanding would have reduced the streaks, but no matter since the second coat did wonders. A third coat may eventuate in future.

This chair will live in the study amongst a lot of red accessories, a touch of navy and some mismatched furniture. I can proudly announce that I fashioned the curtain on the old IKEA robe in the background all by myself. I do not say 'sew' as this is not a talent I possess. Hemming web was used in the production of this product! Now this piece that had no where else to go ties into the room a little better and the heavier fabric is better suited to hide the plastic tubs of craft, stationery and computer bits that hide in there.

 The above photo is a 'before' picture of the robe. The red and white stripes have really livened it up.

An artistic homage to Roy Lichtenstein hangs in this room and has a touch of yellow, so the chair will have a kindred spirit to help it feel at home.

This painting was inspired by the 1950's True Romance comic and is by Desperate Damsels. It was a surprise wedding gift.
Now the walls in the study need to be painted white and the yukky, old carpet needs to be replaced. I'm looking for carpet inspiration. It's tempting to reveal the floorboards underneath, maybe even whitewash them, but some covering is needed since this and the adjacent living room are the only carpeted rooms in the house. Ideas welcome!

This child's chair from an uncle is also waiting for a coat of fire engine red to add another cute touch to the study.


  1. Hi .. just want to let you know I really enjoy your blog. I was starting to worry you'd stopped it so very happy to see your post tonight. I look forward to future posts. :)

  2. Thank you so much Anon! I am so pleased someone out there is happy that I am continuing. I very much enjoy writing my blog but struggling to fit it in with full-time work and everything else. I've been dragging myself back to the gym in the last few weeks, hence the silence on the blog front. I know being fit and healthy is important but there are so many others things I'd like to devote my life to, other than fitness. Finding time to do the things we love is one of the major struggles in life. Whaddayareckon?

  3. The chair looks fabulous - you've inspired me to rethink the chair I'm 'renovating' at the moment. It has gone from dark brown to white but now I'm thinking I should be more adventurous.

  4. Hi Ellise, thank you for stopping by my blog. Wauw that yellow chair is the perfect colour. Just came back from my new studio. I have been moving stuff today and painting a wall purple!

  5. Hey, so you did! And it's almost the same chair, too! Yours looks lovely and glossy. I think I may need a third coat too - I can still see a few streaks. Can't wait to see the little chair - red will look great!




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