Saturday, May 22, 2010

In a spin about Spindleberry

When asked if I'm clucky, I usually answer in the affirmative and add that it started at age seven. That's when my second youngest brother was born and I spent as much time with him and his delicious baby skin as possible. As an adult, I've always thought I'd like children, maybe when I'm less partial to investing in the dining out experience and acquiring frivolous material possessions (will this ever happen?!) My maternal yearnings are in check and there have been no long-lived aches in thy womb. Nothing overwhelming anyway.

Until last week that is, when I stepped into Spindleberry in Moonee Ponds and shouted to myself "I need a child". In fact, I said something similar aloud to my husband to which he replied "about time". If having a brood meant having rooms like this for them, I would order myself three on the double. Everything is so delightfully co-ordinated and set out. We were hunting for a baby shower present, nothing too practical as the parents-to-be have the nursery well-equipped complete with nappys and baby cream to see them through the first months.

Spindleberry is sing-worthy. An oasis where children would never nag for licenced merchandise, rather they would shun Barbie and dream of locally made wooden toys in colours to fit their room palette. Beds would not be wet to ensure the continued perfection of exquisite quilting crafted in fine linen. A Spindleberry child would not be showered in plastic fantastic toys on birthdays, simply because they would not fit into their dreamy wooden toy box and every parent knows that children hate their toys scattered on the floor ready to play with at any opportunity. Mmm, somehow my little fantasy seems at odds with reality. It's nice to dream though and Spindleberry suceeds in sparking the imagination and creating a beautifully serene collection of rooms and products to bring the fantasy one step closer.

The styling in the store is so delightful that I found myself wishing my own bedroom looked like this and that I could squeeze into one of the red velvet jackets! Apparently I am not the first to say this.

Our final selection for the baby shower gift is pictured above. It's a little red drum (with a "mellow" sound according to the swing tag), a drumming babushka doll and a mini set of maracas. The bub's dad is a drummer so we thought it was fitting.

The shop assistant on the Saturday that we visited was very helpful and attentive when we needed, making the experience even more enjoyable. Maybe not nice enough to ignore the pain of childbirth and sleepless nights, but pleasant enough that I look forward to finding an excuse to go back.
276 Union Rd, Moonee Ponds, VIC, 3039
(03) 93706677

173 Ferguson St
Williamstown VIC 3016
(03) 9399 9727 

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