Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sartorial Sunday: The Balmoral look

With the interest in the Royals reaching fever pitch on account of Wills and Kate's upcoming nuptials and the temperature cooling here in Melbourne, it seems fitting to focus Sartorial Sunday on the kind of regal fashion that would make you feel at home at Balmoral Castle. Well, as relaxed as a commoner could in such company. An outfit fit for a stroll through the Scottish Highlands, a little hunting, a horse ride or a day at the polo.

I rather fancy this look myself and last winter I finally found a riding boot I liked to fit my large hooves, so now it's all about completing the look (although this season's update of my boot, the Diana Ferrari Simmo boot pictured, is almost having me wishing I'd waited). Not just reserved for visits to the country towns of our childhood and cold afternoons at the football, the riding boot is even sneaking into less corporate workplaces. Hooray for that.

As for the other selected items above, I figured the Queen really rocks the scarf when she is in residence at Balmoral so Kate should get in with Grandma by sporting something like this from Hermes.

The jodhpurs will still allow her to put her best, toned leg forward while exploring the moors with her father-in-law, and James Adler's book 'The Birds and Flowers of the Castle of Mey and Balmoral' will help brush up on the natural wonders of the Royals much-loved summer home. All while impressing the family with her intellect and interests, of course. Fashion may be one of her strengths but do you think she's game to discuss sartorial matters with her new family? I'd love to be a fly on the wall sometimes... provided I could sport an insect-sized pair of riding boots, of course.

Pictured above:
Hermes Concours d'Etriers silk twill scarf
Diana Ferrari Simmo boot
H&M camel coat
Bastyan jodhpur legging
Longchamp Le Pliage medium black bag
Tiffany &Co gold beads earrings 


  1. Just discovered your blog and loving it! Love this Balmoral Look! Will also have to do the treck to Maidstone, anywhere that gives Mamasita a run for its money, Im down with! For the most amazing prawn tacos try Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda, love at first bite! Now following, check mine out too! Miss Walker xoxo

  2. Such a well-written post! I too have to deal with the challenge posed my having large hooves. This is so the kind of look I love- just wish I could afford the hermes scarf! Naomi x




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