Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dreamy bedding trends Down Under

Without meaning to sound unpatriotic, it is sometimes hard to find a great range of home furnishings here in Australia. When you spend a great deal of time reading magazines and endlessly scrolling the web, there are always trends on the page and screen than you can't seem to find in store. I'm constantly frustrated by this, but in the last few days I've noticed a mini breakthough. While flicking through catalogues, I noticed a pin tuck quilt cover in one and a bamboo print comforter in another. Of course, we can shop online from anywhere in the world these days, but if you are anything like me, nothing beats touching and feeling items before purchase and supporting businesses in your own town or country. As I have far too much bed linen myself, I'm sharing these finds with you. These styles are also big trends in home furnishings generally, not just bedding.


West Elm organic cotton pin tuck duvet cover

 Anthropologie Chambray Crowned Crave duvet set and Antropologie Rosette quilt in raison

In Australia, Harris Scarfe has a version of the pin tuck quilt cover called the Deco Altimont on sale for $74.95 in queen and $79.95 in king. On sale Thursday 7th April for 1 week while stocks last.

This quilt cover is also available at Domayne stores. Here's a better image found online:

Would make my bed even dreamier.

Image vis Decor Pad

Geometric prints are everywhere online, including the bamboo inspired ones. Close to home, Lincraft has a queen size comforter set in a bamboo inspired print on sale for $19.95. On sale 4th - 13th April.

Would be nice for the end of the spare bed in case the guests need an extra layer.


The moroccan tile would have to be the most prolific of all the trends I've mentioned and my personal favourite.

Metro Hotel Style Black and White Mosaic Duvet via Bella Home Fashions

West Elm mosaic tile duvet cover in tigerlily

In Australia, the Jiro print in the new Pop by Sheridan range has been featured in many magazines and blogs (including my own back in February) but I had to mention it again as it's on sale (!) and it's one of the most exciting interpretations of a home furnishings trend. Being Sheridan, the quality is sure to be good too.
Pop by Sheridan in Jiro (front pillow in Ren)

Pop by Sheridan has 20% off for a limited time on their website.


Next, retailers Down Under need to embrace Greek key in modern furnishings.

West Elm Greek key duvet cover

At present it's seen mostly on yoghurt containers and dowdy, traditional homewares, but I predict the modern take on Greek key will become more common here. We just take awhile to catch onto these things! I'm waiting for some Greek key trim to arrive from Turkey to go onto curtains for our living room. Stay tuned and have sweet dreams!

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