Thursday, April 7, 2011

The dark days are (not) over

My latest eBay find and subsequent project is a little table to fill a small corner of our living room. I was on the hunt for something as part of our living room makeover. It's not the most exciting piece but the dimensions were just right for the space and it was only $40.




The paint is Dulux Domino leftover from painting over purple tiles in our kitchen dining area. Can't get enough of these dark days tones. The black and white striped knob was $3.95 at Provincial Home Living. 

Last night, the table moved into its new home here:

Previously this space was wasted with a tiny lamp table that had unfortunate chrome legs. 

Not too hard to beat that! Of course, the new wall colour and carpet we are planning will help even more, but for now the new table definitely utlises the space better without getting in the way. This is right between two doorways so anything bigger would be quite a nuisance. It's not perfect though. Certainly doesn't hide the surround sound speaker very well and I'm told that is essential to the room so cannot be removed! 

A dark surface called for light objects so I arranged the table with my favourite nude statue from the mantle (below) and a globe from a funny little corner shelf that we just knocked out (will explain another day).

I then swapped things around on the mantle to make room for la Tour Eiffel which no longer worked hiding in the corner. A seedy night shot for you:

Notice the progress on my Kravet Velvet Gate Tuxedo painting? Not getting a whole lotta sleep between work, painting furniture, painting canvases and sewing more cushions but it sure is fun. Hope you are also finding things to make your heart sing this week!


  1. The table looks fantastic and I love the knob. Tempted to pop down to Provincial now...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm a sucker for Provincial. I hang out in their with all the ladies sporting Balwyn bobs ;)




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