Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sartorial Sunday: Skirt sewn by moi

Since taking up sewing classes I've been asked a few times what I've made so far and, truth be told, this is a difficult question to answer as we spent the entire eight-week sewing class making just one garment. The class was called 'Sewing a simple garment from a commercial pattern' and was a follow-up to the beginner's sewing class I did earlier this year at the Yarraville Community Centre.

Smiling at my imaginary friend in the first skirt I've ever sewn!

We were able to choose our own material and pattern for a simple skirt (mine is New Look 6433), although the teacher gave a few suggestions of patterns numbers that could work well. The material I chose is a fine plaid suiting for the bargain price of $7.99 a metre from Brunswick Fabrics in Paisley Street, Footscray. The two hour classes flew by and I found myself putting the finishing touch of the hook and eye on after the final class. Finally, I had something to show of my newfound hobby and I paraded it around at work as soon as I could (these photos are your virtual parade!). I still cannot say I find it easy to read a pattern with their scarce, confusing instructions. A few mistakes were made along the way and I had to unpick more than one seam to fix them but in the end I did it! My childhood memories of sewing are filled with tangled bobbins and needing mum's help every two minutes so it feels good to be making new, happier sewing memories. 

I pity my poor colleagues who have to put up with my little show and tell sessions, but I thank them all for indulging my need to share my passions. I should work on developing more humility! On the same token, life is for sharing. The downs seem to come on their own accord so you have to find the ups. That's what this blog is all about - the things that make your heart sing. Hope yours is!

Little side note: These photos contain a little sneak peak of our new wall colour in our hallway. It's called 'Mink Scorpio' by Taubmans and we did it in quarter strength to get a light grey above the dado rail in Dulux Whisper White. These shots were taken after an undercoat and one coat of colour. This weekend we did the final coat including the dado rail which had only been sanded in these shots. Now we have to do the same in our living area. Argh, more sanding and painting coming our way but I sure am liking saying goodbye to the mint green in these areas. If you're interested, you can see the original colour in the background of a previous Sartorial Sunday post here. I will get around to posting a proper before and after one of these days.

The DIY Show Off

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