Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making an entrance (painting before and afters)

Today I'd like to give you a little before and after of our entry hall. It feels so nice to put our little stamp on the house for us to enjoy each time we come home.

The hall table has had a makeover too in my favourite shade of charcoal black (Dulux Domino). Stay tuned for before and after pictures of that!

Both our living room and entry hall have dado rails painted in white with walls in mint green. While the green is not the style we're going for, I love the contrast between the wall and the rail so I wanted to ensure there would still be a difference between the two after changing the colour. I love white trims so we kept the dado white (Dulux Whisper white) and I looked for a pale grey for the walls. As part of making our small living room something special, I'm going for a base of black and white that we can add touches of colour as desired. Problem is our couch is neither black nor white but it is in great condition so I can't justify getting a new one. It's a colour called sultana, which is almost a chocolate colour but a big lighter with almost a subtle hint of aubergine (I'm not good on colour names so you can see it for yourself in the background of photos in posts here and here). To make it blend in, I chose the wall colour to complement the couch. The flat, industrial greys would have not only make the room feel cold but they wouldn't look as if they belonged with the couch. After buying a few test pots and painting hidden patches of the wall, I settled on Mink Scorpio in quarter strength from the Taubmans Endure range. In some lights it has a lavendar tone, which doesn't sound great but I'm hoping it will go nicely with the couch. Painting the hallway first was the test. Last night we finished painting our study/3rd bedroom in the safe and trusty Dulux Whisper White so now we really have to take the plunge and paint the living room in Mink Scorpio. We like our entry but is this what we want in our living room? Argh, decisions, decisions.


  1. Looks great - love those dado rails and panelling under it. Gorgeous.

  2. I love it!!!! Looks great!!! Your front door and windows are really cool too!!!!!




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