Sunday, January 16, 2011

A hydrangea surprise in le jardin

Growing a lovely hydrangea shrub was one of the things I was most looking forward to when buying our first home. Three days ago marked a year since moving into our Victorian cottage in Footscray and the hydrangea cuttings I've been nurturing since early Spring really stepped up to the occasion and burst into bloom. Ok, that may be going too far. Let's just say there is one glorious little bunch of flowers on one of the cuttings. Can you see them peeking out in the centre of the photo below?

They've made my heart sing every time I've walked past them this weekend! Gardening doesn't come naturally to me -herbs and succulents are my only specialties, if you can call them that- so I'm just excited to know that there are hydrangeas alive and well in Le Jardin at my place.

The hydrangea in the top photo may or may not have been found over a fence down the street. Details are a little hazy. All I know is that I'm loving the sight of it on the hall table every time I come home. Little things can have a big impact.

Hope you've all found something to make your heart sing this weekend, even as the treacherous flooding in eastern Australia continues to touch so many lives. My heart is breaking for all those affected and I send them strength and love at this testing time.

Blackboard garden stakes from Malmaison Botanical Interiors, Castlemaine.


  1. Love the small print - FNQ

  2. Hello FNQ (that acronym sounds quite rude!),
    I am glad you appreciate my naughty little type. Tell me, is this a widely acceptable thing to do or will the neighbours start getting cranky and keeping watch behind thier curtains? Is this stealing? I might have to refer my questions to my own Mister Moral. Actaully, no, I don't think I'll get the answer I'm looking for!

  3. How funny. I just bought 2 big bunches of hydrangeas last weekend to go in a vase on the top of our brand new furniture. AND, those little blackboards signs you have in your garden are what we had on each table at our wedding. Great minds must really think alike. We had to find them online and order them from the UK. But we had figured we will now probably re-use them in the veggie garden I want to start.

  4. Ooh Natalie, I would love to see the blackboard stakes used at your wedding - I will have to search your blog. If you ever need more of these they are available at one of my favourite shops in the central Victorian town of Castlemaine called Malmaison. They have an online shop at I couldn't find them on there at present but they are so helpful and have ordered things in for me before.




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