Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Queen Anne brings royal treatment to the guest room

Overnight visitors will be given the royal treatment at our humble abode with the new addition of this Queen Anne bedside table in our guest room.

Here's a 'before' shot of the table on Sunday just after picking it up from the other side of Melbourne. 

An absolute eBay bargain at $28.77. I had been watching this style for awhile and had seen two others sold during the week for $53 and $152. I am so rapt with my project this week - it was well worth the time invested in collecting it and making it over. Sanding it back took me a good hour...

Applying three coats of paint (Taubmans water based enamel in gloss white) took me another three hours over Sunday afternoon and Monday evening, but it cost nothing as I had this paint left over from my desk makeover.

The times above include doing this little chair while I was at it. I couldn't resist a cute chair like this at a garage sale on the way home from picking up the table.

The pine cones had to make the 'before' photo as they were "free because you can buy them in the park". Or so said the young girls who gave them to me with the $1 chair purchase. Hilarious! Had to prise off the gemstone and glitter pen swirls from the backrest and sand quite well to remove the glitter spinkled into the paint during its last makeover!

The guest room now looks like a nice place to curl up with a book with the afternoon sun sneaking through. 

 A wider shot of the room showing the very bare wall above the bed. Not sure of my ideas for this wall from last year now. The chair was a found in the hard rubbish collection next door to my old place and painted white at the same time I did the yukky bedside drawers that used to live in this room.

A 'before' shot of the room taken on my iPhone at night (sorry, very poor). 

You might notice that the curtains are no longer purple. A closer look below at the terrible old drawers that never opened properly... even before I painted over the light brown about 5 years ago. 

One last look at the much sweeter little corner now...

Confession of an imperfect blogger: I hid the lamp from view because it is a desk lamp from my uni days and totally ruins the look. 

The painting was a birthday gift a few years back from my talented, sweet friend Ros who lives too far away these days. And before you ask, the hydrangeas are from The Flower Shed in Footscray not from one of my naughty trips pruning the flower bushes in my neighborhood! I am considering a more interesting knob for the drawer but overall I'm just loving this table. It is so rewarding finding and transforming stuff. Totally makes my heart sing! I do hope it has the same effect on our next overnight visitors, whoever they may be.

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  1. Nice snag and vision to creatively use this as a bedside table. It looks great!
    Thanks for sharing, have a great day!


  2. Well now I wish I'd taken up your offer of a place to crash tonight! When we finally come over to check out the newly painted dining room, we'll have to make a night of it so we can experience the updated guest room :)


  3. I just love it! Love the beadboarding too - was that already there when you bought the place?

  4. Thank you sweet ladies for your comments which I looove receiving!

    Christie, the beadboarding is not our own handiwork but I really love it too. It looks like it has been there awhile and is in our entrance hall and lounge room.

  5. Just Perfect, looks like things are really coming together nicely at E Street !

  6. Beautiful...i like your BLOG...snow greatings to australia from switzerland...

    Jacqueline ♡




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