Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sartorial Sunday: A school of primary colours

Welcome to Sartorial Sundays! In an attempt to learn to use Photoshop, I have laboured over this collage of one of my favourite weekend outfits this summer. I may even make it a regular feature and post collages of what I want to wear, not just what I am wearing and open it up for participation with a linky tool. For now, feel free to leave a comment on what you're enjoying wearing (or what you wish you were wearing) this season.

Today I was in exercise gear to play kick-to-kick by the Maribyrnong and work/painting clothes to help the Mister on our roof, so the pictures above are what I was wearing yesterday for a delightful lunch at the Duchess of Spotswood with a delightful mademoiselle.

French Connection promenade stripe ruffle shirt
Country Road stretch twill short
Evolve red linen jacket from Emilio design, 397 Smith Street Collingwood Victoria yellow cruz bag
Elk yellow bird necklace
Tiffany silver beads earrings
The sandals are the only thing I don't really own. I couldn't find a picture of my silver ones on the net and didn't fancy photographing and editing them like I had to do for the jacket so I am posting these similar ones by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Dear Ellise

    yes, I took all the pictures from my apartement by myself, exept the ones from Sandy Foster.
    Thank you very much for following my blog. I love the feeling having visitors from Australia
    on my blog and in my house. I love your country and I wish to live there.

    Big Hug
    Jacqueline ♡

  2. Hey Ellise - love the idea - I'll get my Monday's happening soon too. I like Polyvore for creating outfits - looks like your photoshop skills are coming along well, that's one program I really want to learn this year...

  3. Great effort in Photoshop. You will put graphic designers out of their job in no time!




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