Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cafe Love - Cafe Fidama

Tapas plate: fried spanish olives, grilled chorizo, persian feta, seared squid and ciabatta $18
I heard Cafe Fidama was one of the best places to eat in Yarraville, then I heard it had really gone downhill so the only thing to do was to go and try it for myself. First I went for a coffee at lunchtime during the day. It was very quiet with just a few tables of guys in suits having a working lunch. The service and coffee are not to be faulted but the interior didn't really excite. Sparcely decorated, with the well-set tables the highlight. The darkish timber tables and exposed brick walls seem quite cold in the daytime.

The next visit was in the evening. Dim lighting gives warmth to the brick and brings the place to life. As does the full house. Nothing like bodies to create atmosphere!

One of the most pleasant surprises at Cafe Fidama is the amount of food made in-house, right down to the bread. We were told this by a waiter whose impeccable service and knowledge made this a fine dining venue in our eyes. Admittedly, I enjoyed being served by a male waiter over 40, as I don't find this to be very common. More than that, I enjoyed all the information he provided and his attentive service. As much as I ogle interiors, people and food really do make a venue.

Speaking of food, my main dish was heavenly. Slices of succulent duck breast on a bed of polenta mash with spinach and finished with a sweet sauce of beetroot pieces. Oh, the memory is making me salivate. Sadly, I can't find this dish on the menu online so it may have been a special. I would go back again for this. Price was around the same as the Mister's main from memory ($29) and worth every penny.

Oven roasted chicken breast with pan fried gnocchi, asparagus, chorizo and wild mushrooms $29

The mister enjoyed the chicken breast, though I think he had a case of food envy when he tried my duck. All my appreciative sighs wouldn't have helped his cause!

Home-made pineapple mint and strawberry sorbets $6

Such a pleasant time was being had that is seemed wrong not to try the home-made sorbets. I think it says something about a dish when it is half-eaten by the time the phone comes out for a photo! They were very good.

Cafe Fidama attracts discerning small groups and couples in their late 30s or 40s looking for good quality meal with excellent service for a special night out. This may be a rash generalisation and for that I apologise. It is somewhere I'd like to return for a business dinner or Mother's Day occasion. It has to be said that the interior, while pleasant enough, doesn't rate highly on the 'makes my heart sing' scale. Full marks for food and service, but when it comes to interiors/ambiance, I've become accustomed to the many foodie haunts that now put huge effort into 'wow' features and/or quirky touches. Pretty things probably designed to get prats like me in the door to hand over some of our double income that is not spent on kids. Somehow, this doesn't bother me. Pretty things make me happy. Amen to that.

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  1. Sounds like a definite possiblity on my next visit to Yarraville. The boyfriend and I made a special trip over west this weekend to try Duchess of Spotswood, as good as you said!

  2. I haven't eaten there in ages - maybe I should make the effort, after that glowing review it sounds like it's worth it.

  3. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint Miss E and Jenny. I find it nerve racking recommending places to eat sometimes - what if you hate it?! Hee, hee :)




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