Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sewing sunshine

Sewing may be one of those hobbies that takes hold with force for an intense few months and is then abondoned abruptly. Or so I start thinking when the Mister tells me that setting up a permanent sewing table is akin to buying a treadmill! No matter, I am enjoying this new love and I am managing just fine with my temporary workstations on the desk or dining table, and Aunty Cele's sewing machine is an agreeable and dependable dame.

After completing a beginner's sewing course recently, I was ready to buy a pattern and attempt it solo. The European cushions in these photos are the fruits of my labour. If you catch me skipping past our guest bedroom, it's because I've just set my eyes on these babies and I'm feeling all proud and disbelieving. I somehow managed to make sense of the confusing, jargon-laden instructions of the Simplicity pattern (5600) and sew these big, happy blobs. 

In the absense of a bedhead, they add a little more impact to the bed. See here for the room earlier this year. The beautiful yellow orchids are from my lovely local florist, The Flower Shed. They were moved from the living room for this photo. Normally, I keep fake hydrangeas here. Faux flowers, quelle horreur!

The cushions have envelope openings which is just as well because I'm still learning to insert zips in my new sewing class.

And here are the orchids in their real spot, looking so cheery with my Bali treasures on the table I painted. 

Can you tell I believe in looking for the sunshine in otherwise grey days? It's been a cold end to autumn, but I'm enjoying the bursts of falling yellow leaves in the streets and I love bringing other sunny hues inside to brighten our home. Hope your day is sunny and your heart warm :)

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