Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Black and white lamp makeover

Thrifty Decor Chick is hosting a cyber spray paint party today so what better time than the present to reveal my lamps properly. I have written about picking them up on eBay and the sheer joy of using spray paint, so I won't go over that again (but you can read it here). Here is a quick summary:

The lamps as they came (from eBay for $46).

 The lamps (and the little covers on the right dangling on nails) in the front yard after the first coat.

After taking out the wiring, cleaning and sanding (but before the third and final coat).

 Then I stared at photos like these for awhile. I'd taken them before dismantling but it was still difficult to get the wiring back in place. The Mister was eventually called upon...

 The lamps on the dining table after putting on the shades and getting the wiring back in place.

A peek at one lamp in it's new home with the wiring returned and an Ikea shade fitted (from the Bali Treasures post). More pics to come later of with both lamps in the shot.

I may still add white trim at a later date. Too many other home projects to conquer at present, so no time for these fine details, as much as these little things do make a difference.

A word to the wise, do heed Thrifty Decor Chick's advice because I did get some crackling in a little patch after the final coat. Now I know this is because it was too hot to paint when I did. After doing all the prep (cleaning and sanding) and waiting between coats, it was disappointing. Thankfully, I can turn that side of the lamp to the wall and the little boo-boo is forgotten. As for the two tiny drip marks, I'm just putting those down to character. Every home needs some!

As for my next spraying project, one of my younger brother's is very handy and I am hoping he will offer to help his darling sister (ppft!) spray something a little more substantial than the lamps with a proper spray gun and compressor. They are a pair of French bistro chairs (sometimes called Bryant Park chairs), a hand-me-down from my Grandad. Currently they are grey with wooden slats and I'm trying to decide if they should become all red, all yellow, all turquoise or all white. Something like these (below) for our front verandah! Such joyful scenes.


Image via Lonny

spray paint party

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