Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cafe Love: The Premises, Kensington

Doing research and making plans is to be encouraged, particularly when it comes to scouting out places to have good eats, but I must admit that it's so exciting to just stumble upon a place. And so it happened that I lay in bed with my phone several Sundays ago diligently searching out and deciding upon a breakfast venue in Kensington, only to find myself in Bellair Street an hour or so later walking into another place. Perhaps it was the grey and green industrial light shades drawing me in, or the thought that so many other people jostling for tables couldn't be wrong. Either way, I landed in The Premises and I was not disappointed.

The interior features lots of pared-back industrial furniture, old school desks, concrete floors, natural wood and exposed brick, yet displays of water pitchers and succulents in mugs at the tables make it homely.

The menu features lots of organic items with a focus on natural ingredients. They don't serve sweetener, only raw sugar and the juice is a brand called 'Found Organic', an organic carbon neutral product from Turkey. I like this focus, but at the same time, I question why they wouldn't just make fresh juices from local produce rather than serve juice from overseas. Is it just me, or are cafes trying harder to 'look' organic than 'be organic?

 Very good coffee and that juice (strawberry)

Poached eggs on organic toast ($8.50) with Newmarket bacon ($4) and Aunty Kath's tomato chutney ($1)

The Mister enjoyed his bacon and eggs, even saying they were "sweet". Literally sweet from the chutney.

 French toasted brioche with baked rhubarb compote, marscapone and ginger crumble $14.50

My breakfast was good enough to get me back to The Premises again. The tartness of the rhubarb juxtaposed perfectly with the sweet syrup and the almost donut-like flavour and texture of the French toast corners. The ginger crumble was the piece de resistance, setting it apart from similar brioche and fruit offerings elsewhere. A perfect end note. I think I was audibly moaning "mmm" and I did get asked if that was really breakfast. Oh yes, yes it is!

The advantage of ordering the naughty-but-oh-so-nice breakfast is that you are far too full to be enticed by the lovely offerings beckoning at the cash register. Something for next time, perhaps?!

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