Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easy hunting on Charles Whyte

 Image via Stella Bella

I gotta little somethin' for ya. Trying to make life easier for you and all that. A little organisation is always the key to a less troublesome existence, freeing up time for the things we love. Plus, you know how I'm caught up hunting for the things that make my heart (and yours) sing, right?!

So, I've created some new pages for all of us to enjoy. You'll see them above. There's 'Recipes', 'Cafe Love', 'Painting projects' and 'Sewing projects'. You'll find links to all of the Charles Whyte blog posts related to these four categories on these pages, right back to when it started in December 2009. I hope this will make it easier for you to look back on old posts if you're so inclined. For me, it means I'll have an easy solution for Jackson when he calls (again) to ask how to make the white chocolate and hazelnut ball. Ditto for my sister and quince paste. Sadly, no-one has called to ask how I got the charcoal hall table to look so damn cute, but they might. I'll say "Go to the painting projects page on Charles Whyte and all will be revealed" and hopefully it's that easy for everyone. And if you happen to driving in country Victoria wondering where it was that I found those smashing pizzas in Kyneton, there will be no scrolling back through pages and pages of my ramblings. It will be as easy as going to the 'Cafe Love' page. 123. Yay! Enjoy, my sweets.

And while we are doing a little housekeeping, can I encourage you to do all something today to make someone else's heart sing. For an easy win you can subscribe to Charles Whyte by entering your email address in the sidebar at right or 'follow' using Google friend connect (button lower down in right sidebar)! I promise you my heart will be chirping sweet nothings all day long. A very happy day to you :)

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