Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Call me vintage

The past year has seen a style-freeze in our household while we searched for a home of our own. No significant purchases were made in case we bought something that wouldn’t fit, wasn’t needed or didn’t suit the style of our next home. So you can imagine the delight I’ve experienced in recent weeks imagining all the charming interiors I can now plan for our Victorian cottage. Good riddance to the style-freeze.

I love the little arrangement I found in a home mag with the vintage phone (see picture above). Despite spending an evening at the Coles magazine stand, I haven’t been able to find the magazine again to tell you the title and issue. That looks like a Bakelite phone from the 1950s to me. While the ivory is gorgeous, I understand it to be harder to come by than the black. I’m hesitant to start scouring second-hand stores for one in fear of becoming like my mother and losing several hours a week in op shops. Ebay is the go. I’ve lost out on a few as they are selling for more than $150. There is currently a bid on a very nice one for a whopping $250.

Perhaps this explains why Big W have recently advertised an Oricom retro phone (above) for under $60. I applaud them for bringing the trend to the masses but isn’t the beauty in the history? Somehow I don’t think the Oricom will conjure up images of British housewives from the 1950s in the same way as a truly old model.

I’m heading to my husband’s family farm on Boxing Day and it’s been suggested I make my way into the shed to find myself an authentic vintage bike. Wonder what my chances are of finding an old phone to complete the scene?!


  1. Hi again! You might love this blog for some affordable home styling inspiration

  2. Oohh, what a gorgeous house. Spent ages checking it out, thanks so much. Hopefully, I can make our new home half as cute. Stay tuned!




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