Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So what's making my heart sing today? Ah, it's the Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i bike. I've been lusting over vintage cruiser bikes for awhile now and the one above has just captured my heart. It's often parked down Flinders Lane, not far from my office in the Melbourne CBD and I took this photo a while back. It wasn't until this week that I decided to saunter past ever so innocently to check out the brand because nothing else I've seen compares. A quick Google search uncovered a whole new world and I was introduced to the mastery of the Electra bicycle.

"Blending classic European character with just the right accents of cosmopolitan cool, Amsterdam is today’s reinvention of this truly timeless design. With a swank silhouette, refined outline and astute attention to detail, Amsterdam’s alluring blend of attitude and elegance dresses up or dresses down, and can rock-it up scale bohemian or breeze along with sophistication and smarts looking stunningly chic." Or so says the sales blurb as found on several websites like harborcountrybike.com.

Small problem, it's about a thousand aussie bucks. Ouch. Lucky I am a hunter and have already sniffed out an alternative. It has nothing on the Amsterdam but it's a fifth of the price so I'm being open. The Repco Bermuda cruiser is sold through Big W stores and comes in black for men and blue for ladies. Check it out at:

Now I just need to find one of those gorgeous cane baskets that is so cheerfully perched on the 'Flinders Lane Amsterdam' (as I shall call it). Perhaps I should leave a note for its mystery owner?!

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